Thank you to our awesome friends and supporters who helped out in 2015

  • Variety Club
    Variety Club
  • Armadillo Boutique
    Armadillo Boutique
  • Gemajesty
  • Classic Car Adventures
    Classic Car Adventures
  • Reiko MacKenzie
    Reiko MacKenzie
  • Richard Fisherman
    Richard Fisherman
  • Dale Ferris Catering
    Dale Ferris Catering
  • Stan Stronge Pool
    Stan Stronge Pool
  • in. Salon
    in. Salon
  • Quality Recycled Parts
    Quality Recycled Parts
  • Dental Mission Project
    Dental Mission Project
  • Kathy Kerns
    Kathy Kerns
  • kckids
    KC Kid’s Choir
  • Wilkinson's Automobilia
    Wilkinson’s Automobilia
  • Michelle Molineaux
    Michelle Molineaux
  • Suzanne Anton
    Suzanne Anton
  • Willowbrook Chrysler
    Willowbrook Chrysler
  • Thank you Martina Meckova for supporting our centre!
    Martina Meckova
  • Spruce Harbour Marina
    Spruce Harbour Marina
  • M. Nguyen
    M. Nguyen
  • Service Canada HRDC
    Service Canada HRDC
  • Sea to Sky Gondola
    Sea to Sky Gondola
  • Chris Brown
    Thank you Chris Brown for helping our community centre!
  • Karen Chan
    Thank you Karen Chan for your support!
  • Backyard Vineyards
    Backyard Vineyards
  • Port Metro Vancouver
    Port Metro Vancouver
  • Steamworks Brewing Company
    Steamworks Brewing Company
  • Western Driver Magazine
    Western Driver Magazine
  • John Fluevog
    John Fluevog
  • Lumina Hair Design
    Lumina Hair Design
  • Real Canadian Superstore
    Real Canadian Superstore
  • Pinnacle Hotel
    Pinnacle Hotel
  • Falesca Importing
    Falesca Importing
  • PNE
  • Artona Group
    Artona Group
  • Woldring Consulting
    Woldring Consulting
  • Joey Restaurants
    Joey Restaurants
  • Corpus Christi
    Corpus Christi Elementary
  • Jellybean Autocrafters
    Jellybean Autocrafters
  • Concert Properties
    Concert Properties
  • Vancouver Canucks
    Canucks Sports & Entertainment
    Bentley Vancouver
  • CIBC Childrens Foundation
    CIBC Children’s Foundation
  • Allwest Insurance Services Ltd-NorthVancouver-BC
    AllWest Insurance
  • vcc
  • Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
    Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation – Evans Yard
  • Vancouver Police Judo Club
    Vancouver Police Judo Club
  • Helijet
  • Chocolate Arts
    Chocolate Arts
  • Metropolitan Fine Printers
    Metropolitan Fine Printers
  • GardenWorks
  • Aquilini Development
    Aquilini Development
  • UBC Dentistry
    Thank you to the staff and students of UBC Dentistry!
  • Thank you Beata and friends for supporting our community centre!
    Thank you Beata and friends!
  • Fly Over Canada
    Fly Over Canada
  • Floral & Hardy
    Floral & Hardy
  • Drake's Towing Ltd
    Drake’s Towing Ltd.
  • Nuba Restaurants
    Nuba Restaurants
  • Community First
    Community First Foundation
  • A&B Tool Rentals
    A&B Tool Rentals
  • Holy Cross Elementary School
    Holy Cross Elementary School
  • Small Business BC
    Small Business BC
  • springbreakhours
    Bill Ekins
  • Many thanks to the staff and students of Traflagar Elementary School for their generous support
    Trafalgar Elementary School
  • arts-umbrella
    Arts Umbrella
  • Many thanks to Zag Global for their generous support
    ZAG Global
  • Many thanks to St David's United for their generous support
    St. David’s United
  • Many thanks to the staff and students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help  for their generous support
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
  • Many thanks to Ricoh for their generous support
  • Many thanks to Vidalin Family Foundation for their generous support
    Vidalin Family Foundation
  • Many thanks to the staff and students of the Academy for their generous support
    West Point Grey Academy
  • The Body Shop has donated goods, volunteer support and hosted self-esteem workshops for youth.
    The Body Shop
  • Shangri-La Hotel
    Shangri-La Hotel


If we’ve missed your name, please accept our apologies and email us at so we can add you to the website!

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  • A & B Rentals
  • Acquilini Developments
  • All West Insurance
  • Armadillo Boutiques
  • Artona Group
  • Arts Umbrella
  • Backyard Winery
  • Beata and Friends
  • Bentley Vancouver
  • Bill Ekins
  • Canucks Sports & Entertain-ment
  • Carin’s Bros
  • Chocolate Arts
  • Chris Brown
  • CIBC Children’s Foundation – Wood Gundy
  • Classic Car Adventures
  • Community First Foundation
  • Concert Properties
  • Corpus Christi School
  • Dale Ferris Catering
  • Dick Woldring Consulting
  • Dot-to-Dot
  • Drake Towing Ltd.
  • Falesca Importing Ltd.
  • Floral & Hardy
  • Fly Over Canada
  • GEMajesty
  • Helijet
  • Holy Cross Elementary School
  • In.Salon
  • Jellybean Autocrafters
  • Joey Restaurant
  • Joh Fleuvog
  • Karen Chan
  • Kathy Kerns
  • KC Kids
  • Lumina Hair Design
  • M. Nguyen
  • Manderville Garden Works
  • Martina Meckova
  • Met Fine Printers
  • Michelle Molineaux
  • Nuba Natural Foods
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
  • Parks Board – Evans Yard
  • Peter Mc Connell
  • Pinnacle Hotel – Vancouver
  • PNE
  • Port Metro Vancouver
  • Quality Recyle Parts
  • Reiko MacKenzie
  • Richard Fisherman
  • RIOCH Canada
  • Sea to Sky Gondola
  • Service Canada – HRSDC
  • Shangri La Hotel
  • Small Business of B.C.
  • Spruce Marina Residents
  • St. David’s United Church
  • Stan Strong Pool @ Pearson Centre
  • Steamworks Brewing Co.
  • Superstore – Marine Drive
  • Suzanne Anton
  • The Body Shop
  • The Dental Mission Project
  • Trafalgar Elementary School
  • UBC Dentistry
  • Vancouver Community Col-lege
  • Vancouver Police Department – PAL
  • Vancouver Police Judo Club
  • Variety Club
  • Vidalin Family Foundation
  • West Coast International School
  • West Point Grey Academy
  • Western Driver
  • Wilkinson’s Autombilia
  • Willowbrook Chrysler
  • ZAG Global

Funding partnerships

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre is operated by the Board of Directors of the independent Ray-Cam Cooperative Association and has agreements and partnerships with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board and BCHMC.

A commitment to transparency and accountability

As part of our commitment to high standards we have joined the Ethical Code Program to demonstrate our compliance to the Code’s fundraising and financial accountability standards. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.